Meet Dr. James Melzer

To be successful in this field, dentistry has to be more than a day job for the professional. Dental care requires enthusiasm about the career and a passion for all its aspects, which are many. Dr. James Melzer embodies both of these virtues. He views his responsibility to his patients as one based on trust: patients place trust in his decision-making and treatments, and also trust they are his number-one priority.

Dr. Melzer’s hope is that this office has some degree of influence over those who choose us and put their oral care in his hands. For some, that change may be as small as offering a place to come that is enjoyable; for others, it could be life-changing.

For Dr. Melzer, the ability to provide competent care that creates superior oral health, along with facilitating an enjoyable, stress-free experience, is his goal. He feels blessed to spend every day interacting with the wonderful people of his community, and aims to improve their lives and possibly even change a few.

Dr. Melzer was inspired by his father to join the dental profession. He watched as his father created and fostered a practice in a small community where he was capable of not only providing dentistry of the utmost quality, but also functioning as a benevolent member of his community and a great friend to the people. Dr. Melzer hopes to accomplish some degree of that.

Originally from the panhandle of Florida, Dr. Melzer attended Florida State University for his undergraduate degree in political science. He completed his Doctorate of Dental Medicine at the University of Florida College of Dentistry. A member of the American Dental Association and the North Carolina Dental Society, Dr. Melzer strives to maintain the most current professional education and provide unsurpassed patient care.

Dr. Melzer is married to Arrion Melzer, the heart of the family and practice, who has an endless amount of energy. They have two sons: Garrison at Clemson University and Ryne, who attends Macon Middle School. Garrison is a pre-med and an excellent student, while Ryne is quite the horseman, having collected many blue ribbons for soaring over jumps. The family includes essentially a zoo, with dogs Bear and Narvell, cats Finnelly and Dave, and horses Razzy, Alley, and Bogo the Mischievous Escape Pony.

Dr. Melzer and his family enjoy fishing, kayaking, and traveling. He and his sons golf and often attend Florida State football games. If he’s not in the office, Dr. Melzer can be found out on the lake or helping Ryne saddle up for equestrian competitions. A military veteran, Dr. Melzer has been honored to serve as a dentist with the local Veterans Stand Down event.

Dr. Melzer and the Appalachian Dental team’s goal is to treat patients in the manner they would want to be treated. They believe that dentistry is best provided by a staff and doctors who are genuine, truly care about each patient, and ensure the dentistry performed is state of the art.

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