Meet Dr. Russell Hooks

Dr. Russell Hooks began his education at Mercer University in Georgia for a major in biology and a minor in chemistry. He then started his journey into the dental field at Eastern Carolina University School of Dental Medicine for his DMD in dentistry. Officially a dentist in June of 2021, he began his work at Appalachian Dental in July of 2021.

Dr. Hooks works hard to keep his patients feeling comfortable and pain free when it comes to their smiles. He completes crowns, bridges, veneers, restorations, root canals, and dentures to ensure that his patients leave his office feeling proud of their smiles. Dr. Hooks enjoys the reactions on the faces of his patients after their lives have changed from dental treatment, even if it is slightly. From fixing a dark cavity to delivering a new set of dentures, Dr. Hooks’ favorite part of his job is the confidence and energy he helps restore in his patients. Helping his patients feel comfortable with their teeth is his favorite reason to be a dentist.

The team at Appalachian Dental constantly keeps Dr. Hooks on his toes so that he continues to provide the highest quality treatment for his patients. He especially loves how the team likes to keep the office lively with playing pranks, all while expertly keeping the office in order.

Dr. Hooks met his fiancé, Sasha, in dental school (they were in the same class!). They plan to get married on September 21, 2022. His sister, Saryn, is four years his senior and is also a dentist. She was actually the one who sparked the interest in Dr. Hooks to pursue a dentistry career. Both Sasha and Saryn have been instrumental in answering questions and helping Dr. Hooks ensure that the best treatment is completed on his patients.

Dr. Hooks and Sasha have a cat Mishka that loves chasing laser pointers and watching birds eat at the birdfeeder. As for hobbies, he and Sasha enjoy exploring the Ashville wilderness, hiking, and watching the newest shows on Netflix. Dr. Hooks also enjoys playing video games in his spare time!

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